Student Awards 2012-2013

Our students participate in many competitions and contests throughout the school year. These include both academic and athletic competitions.  We are proud of their accomplishments!


Knott Scholarships were awarded to seventh grade students Shelby Platner and Catherine Kasica.  These are both full tuition scholarships for 5th - 8th grade.  Congratulations to sixth grade student, Victoria Endicott, for being named a Knott Scholar for the 2012-2013 school year.


Congratulations to the following students who had winning entries in the Frederick County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association's annual Fire Safety Poster contest: Alanna Vidal,  Michel Bedard, Julianna Celeste, Thomas Nishimoto, Alayna Roskowinski,


Knights of Columbus Keep Christ in Chrstmas Poster Contest

Congratulations to the following students:

Kyra Brockett, Ethan Madraymootoo, Cameron Dotson, Juliana Workman, Ethan Maghimbi, Kate Stadter, Jayden Stier, Hannah Bernard, Lillian Croghan, Gracie Lowe, Madison Kamer, Caleb Brockett, Catherine Kasica, Amelia Scherer, Trevor Hickman, Megan Libonate, Emily Green, Caroline Kelly, Drew Wolohan, and Cecilia Bracey.   Additional Congratulations to Ethan Maghimbi, Category 1 winner for Grades 1-3; Amelia Scherer, Category 2 winner for Grades 4-6; and Emily Green, Category 3 winner for grades 7 & 8.  These students' posters have proceeded on to the state competition.


Geography Bee:  Ten students competed in the school-wide Geography Bee.  Brian Murphy  finished in First Place.  Theresa Wagner placed Second.  And Michael Wohlfarth finished Third. Brian will now represent SJRCS in the next level of competition.


Junior Achievement and Bechtel "Build a Better World" Video Contest

A team of three 8th grade students placed first in their region in the "Build a Better World" video contest.  Congratulations to: Molly O'Neel, Colleen Morgan, and Alexis Passaro.


Every year, the Daughters of the American Revolution sponsor an essay contest and a poster contest. This year’s theme was “Enhance the Present”. Over 250 students entered the competition and students from SJRCS were awarded ALL of the prizes. Way to go!! Congratulations to the following students:
POSTER WINNERS: Michel Bedard - 2B; Caroline Roebuck - 3B; Alexis Stew-art - 4C.
ESSAY WINNERS: James Chapin - 5A; Kristina Kaarid - 6A; Cole Grieser - 7B; Kathryn Plamondon. - 8A
Annual Essay Contest
Parents, please make sure that your student arrives at school on time each day. Stu-dents who are tardy start their day at a disad-vantage by missing important announcements; as well as, having a rushed start to their day. When students arrive on time, they have a chance to get set-tled, make sure they have all the necessary books and materials to start the day, and can be more relaxed as their day begins.
Please make sure that your student comes to school in the correct uniform. Uniforms should be clean and pressed. Please refer to pages 43-45 in the Parent/Student Handbook for more specific guidelines.
Also, a reminder that we will be switching to summer uni-forms when we return from Easter break on April 16th. Please make sure to try your child’s summer inform on now in case you need to order a larger size for your child prior to the switch over to summer uniforms.
During arrival and dismissal, we need parents to be alert to their surroundings on school property. Please do not en-gage in cell phone conversations while entering and leaving the school grounds. Additionally, children should be directly supervised during dismissal. Once your child’s class has been dismissed, parents and students should proceed to their cars so that we can begin the car line. Everyone is held up when students have to be gathered from the grassy areas surrounding the parking lot.
If everyone adheres to the above guidelines, we can all enjoy a less stress-filled school day!
Important Reminders
This past Friday we had three families send in baked goods. We do not always have a surplus of baked goods stored in the cafeteria for the times we are short. That means we may have to cancel the Bake Sale on any given week if we don’t have enough to offer all of our lunch shifts. I can as-sure you that our kids would be very disappointed. I just want to remind all of our bakers that we still need your baked goods every Friday. If you have never sent any baked goods in and you would like to please feel free to start. If you have any questions please call or e-mail me.
On the menu, you’ll notice that we are preparing for Lent. We will move our Wednesday dessert to Fat Tuesday (2/21) and on Ash Wednesday (2/22) we will be serving Vegetable Lasagna as an “A” choice. No Hot Dogs will be served that day, we will be serving a Fish Sandwich and a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich as a “B” choice instead. Also, on the Ultimate Nachos, there will be no meat but extra cheese. These changes will continue every Friday throughout Lent. There will only be Cheese Pizza, a Fish Sandwich instead of a Hot Dog and only cheese on the Ulti-mate Nachos.
As always, we look forward to seeing your children every day.
News From The Cafeteria.....
The first

Daughters of the American Revolution Essay Contest

This year's theme was "Forgotten Patriots Who Supported American Struggle for Independence." Congratulations to SJRCS students who received their awards on February 23rd:  Grade 7 Winner - Samantha Sutterman and Grade 8 Winner - Michael Hepburn.


National History Bee

The first round of competition was recently held for the second annual Middle School History Bee.   SJRCS winners were Zachary Kasica, Michael Hepburn, Tony Thomas, and Cecilia Bracey.  Good luck to these students as they enter the next phase of the competition.


We are pleased to announce that Michael Hepburn, Tony Thomas, and Zachary Kasica have moved on to the national competition in Alanta, Georgia, which will be held on June 1st.


SJRCS was well represented at the 2013 Frederick County History Bee.  Congratulations to our five finalists: Rachel Washart, Juliet Jones, Andrew Stroka, Lillian Croghan, and Kate Stadter.  Fifth grade student, Rachel Washart, WON the entire bee!  Great job!!  What a great showing by the SJRCS participants!



It's Academic Tournament 2012

SJRCS fielded three teams at this annual competition held at Resurrection/St. Paul School in Ellicott City.  The team was coached by Mrs. Erin Kelly.  Congratulations to Michael Hepburn, Lucas Afable, Elizabeth Hepburn, Catherine Kasica, and Zachary Kasica who took first place in the competition against forty other teams.

American Legion Auxiliary Essay Contest Winners 2011

The following students were honored at the April 17th meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary, Francis Scott Key Post #11.

Group II

1st Place     Emily Green

2nd Place   Damon Lagana

3rd Place    Simon Kadel


Group III

1st Place Michael Hepburn

2nd Place Matthew Brown

3rd Place Charlie Hanner


Emily Green and Michael Hepburn have moved on to the next level of competition.  Each of them has also taken first place at the regional level.


Catholic Daughters of America Education Contest Winners 2013

Division I

Essay Winners: Rachel Washart, Caleb Brockett, Nate Grande

Art Winners: Alexander Perez, Olivia Hallowitz

Division II

Poetry: Shawn Thiede

Essay: Cole Grieser

Art: Lexi Wittstadt

Computer Art: LiAnne Heupel



Frederick News Post Design-an-Ad

Our 6th grade students participated in this annual contest.  Congratulations to the following students whose ads were selected and the company their ad was designed for:

Rebecca Moravek - Frederick Community Bank

Amelia Scherer - Dorman Builders

Elizabeth Bracey & Alexandra Hoffman - Bill Basley


Maryland Junior Duck Stamp Program

3rd and 5th grade students participated:

Second Place - Angela Mason

Third Place - Shannon Sinnicki

Honorable Mention - Jayden Stier, Francesca Rosone

Special Recognition - Ryan Hanley, Amelia Harman

All students were recognized for their Conservation Message.



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