Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
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STEM Program at St. John Regional Catholic School

The mission of the SJRCS STEM program is to prepare and inspire all of our students to become critical thinkers through the use of problem-solving and project-based learning in order to develop students with confidence and aspirations in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

The Mission of the SJRCS STEM Program initiatives is to allow our students the opportunity to:

  • ENGAGE  by inviting them to wonder about the world around them
  • EXPLORE through hands-on and minds-on activities
  • EXPLAIN through reflection, analysis, modification, and justification
  • EXTEND through solidification, expansion, and real-life application       
  • EVALUATE through demonstrating evidence of knowledge in order to develop students with confidence and aspirations in the area of STEM advancement
Curriculum at St. Stephen School

The Vision of the STEM Program

  • To plan and execute our own in-house science/STEM fair, annually
  • To correlate real-life applications with classroom experiences.
  • To form partnerships with the community at large that will ultimately prepare our students to become the nation’s new problem solvers and innovators.
  • To provide teacher training and support.
  • To encourage the sharing of ideas across disciplines and achieve interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • To integrate Core Curriculum Standards with all subject areas as they relate to STEM.
  • To increase the number of project-based experiences students in grades K-8 will participate in.

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